V+A Couple shoot West London

Virginie and I met at a party in bar 90 in Hackney. We talked a lot, mainly about  travelling and that is probably what made us click.

We have tried to meet again several time since but as any Londoners would know, it ain’t easy to meet people who live on the other of the river…

A couple of years later, social media  told me that Virginie got married, whoop whoop! To Andreas, a charming, lovely crazy Italian musician. You should check their band future sandwich!
The pair of them form a rather quirky couple; they met a year and half ago , got married in Glastonbury festival last summer, how cool is that?!?!

They now live together on a boat in west London. The whole thing may sound a bit rushed but if you met them you’d have no doubt that they are meant for each other. They couple is an equal mix of wild dreams, intense love and adventurous life.

In July, they had an elopement, just the two of them in nature… so obviously being an alternative couple photographer I jumped on the opportunity!

I contacted Virginie for a couple photography session and two weeks later off we were on a beautiful walk around their place.

This area doesn’t look anything like London especially Denham village. The arrangement of gorgeous cottages, the luxurious flowers immaculately arranged on their balcony, trees and grass perfectly trimmed… It’s like we were in a scene of an Agatha Christie book. That village is definitely worth a visit.

The couple photography session didn’t really feel like one and we had a great time discovering the area together . V&A were relaxed in front of the camera, allowed me to capture alternative couple photographs and express my creativity. For that, I thank them very much.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy our intimate walk. x

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