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I’m Joséphine Elvis, a modern wedding photographer in Londonfor creative couples. I know what you’re thinking and yes, Elvis is my realsurname, which I think is pretty cool. What’s also cool is that I wasborn and raised in the same city as photography, so in a way, you could say Iwas born to do it. (There’s less bad puns and more nice photos from here on in,don’t worry.)

My love for photography stems from so much more than mybirthplace – it’s because connecting with people and showcasing theirgenuine emotion is my jam. Both of these are key elements of candid weddingphotography, and they’re the reason I specialise in laidback weddingphotography for fun, stylish couples. That means that there’ll be no awkwardmoments or cheesy poses - I’ll be snapping all the crucial little moments ofconnection and emotion, and I’ll do it as part of the flow of the day. Often,you won’t really notice I’m there at all, as I’ll be documenting rather thandictating.

This remarkable, genuine connection follows me everywhere: Ifind that at least once a week, strangers will come up to me and tell me theirlife story. This strong connection with people I’ve never met before is,alongside an artistic eye, part of what makes me good at what I do as a peoplephotographer – it means I can identify and capture the moments that matter themost to you.

For this reason, my favourite weddings to shoot are alwaysthose that represent you as a couple, rather than traditions or trends. There’sso much more to see, to feel, and to immortalise that way.

When I’m not photographing weddings, families or events,you’ll often be able to find me getting inspired at the Tate, the Barbican, orsome other museum or gallery (just look for the woman with a stranger talkingto her – that’s probably me!) Alternatively, I love to satiate my curiosity bygoing somewhere new and getting totally, blissfully lost – whether it’s cyclingthe streets of London or solo backpacking around the world, I’m an inquisitivesoul who’s always seeking adventure. (This, too, feeds into what I love aboutbeing a wedding photographer; you’re about to set off on an incredibleadventure, and I get the privilege of capturing the start of that for you.) Ontop of that, I also love great food (hence my love of a good pub wedding),being environmentally conscious, and I love to listen to jazz – Miles, Chet andNina are my favourites.

If you want to talk weddings, life stories and all that jazz(or, quite literally, jazz), pop me a message here.

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