Joséphine Elvis photography

I am Joséphine, a wedding and family photographer. If you are wondering then yes…Elvis is my real surname. Lucky, I know.

Now about the photography.
The main focus of my work is to capture emotions. My style is natural, candid, reportage, documentary and any other word you can find to describe a style that tells a real story. Whether it is the most important day of your life or just an ordinary day in the park with your children, I believe that life's little moments can be just as meaningful as the big ones.

For wedding photography I will be part of your day, interact with your guests and let the day flow so mypresence doesn’t interfere with the day. It’s YOUR day. Being unobtrusive  is how I can produce images that convey so many emotions. I love photographing modern and urban weddings as much as the charming picturesque ones. 

For family photography, I take a similar approach, interacting with little ones, playing with them and going back to my own childhood. I enjoy photographing children at home as much as I do in outdoor settings

Have a look at my blog to see my latest work.

For wedding photography in London or abroad, I only take a limited amount of bookings each year to ensure I provide the best service to each and every one of my clients.

I am a family portrait and wedding photographer, based in London, U.K — butI'll take any opportunity to travel!

If you are looking for a London wedding photographer or a French wedding photographer in London, a London family photographer, get in touch. I will be delighted to hear from you.

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